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IOMA Anti-wrinkle Mask - 1.7 oz / 50 ml
Retail: $125.00
Sale Price: $80.00

Gentle Cleansing Cream Water is a rich creamy gel that will delicately cleanse your face. MADE IN FRANCE

IOMA LIP LIFT is the first volumizing and corrective lip and contour care. With its patented formulas comprised of the most innovative active ingredients, transform contours, lip shape, lips and corner of the mouth. MADE IN FRANCE IOMA Anti-wrinkle Mask instantly restore moisture levels and makes your skin smoother and more luminous. the skin regains suppleness, softness and vitality. MADE IN FRANCE
Mild Foam Toner refreshes the epidermis and leaves the skin cleansed and toned. MADE IN FRANCE IOMA Generous Eye Contour Cream erases existing wrinkles and prevents developing new ones. Reduces puffiness and dark circles for a visibly younger and rested eyes. MADE IN FRANCE

IOMA Generous Day Cream instantly smooths wrinkles and restores density to the cutaneous layers. Day after day, the skin is smoother, firmer and more luminous. MADE IN FRANCE
IOMA Ultimate Generous Serum with its instant tightening effect, this expert serum immediately smoothes facial features and tones the skin. MADE IN FRANCE IOMA Generous Night Cream will intensely nourish your skin and help it defy time. This rich, smooth cream provides the comfort which will promote a restorative night's sleep. MADE IN FRANCE IOMA Youth Booster is the first anti-aging skincare to prove its effectiveness on you, each and every day with a moisture sensor embedded in the cap. It is unique and a world’s first. MADE IN FRANCE