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IOMA Fresh Gel Eye Makeup Remover is a delightfully refreshing gel that gently dissolves eye makeup and improves the volume and length of lashes. MADE IN FRANCE

IOMA Moisturizing Cleansing Milk gently removes your make-up and moisturizes your skin. MADE IN FRANCE

IOMA Youthful Pure Cleansing Water cleanses and tones the skin in a single step without leaving an oily film. MADE IN FRANCE

IOMA Moisturizing Toning Lotion

Gentle Cleansing Cream Water is a rich creamy gel that will delicately cleanse your face. MADE IN FRANCE

IOMA Gentle Exfoliating Emulsion provides a deep cleaning; the exfoliating particles remove blackheads and
dead cells which could make the complexion dull. This emulsion makes the epidermis soft and radiant once again. MADE IN FRANCE
IOMA Moisturizing Toning Lotion gently tones and helps to achieve perfect cleansing - alcohol free - MADE IN FRANCE
IOMA Astringent Toning Lotion is a delicate, luxuriously rich foam that provides perfect cleansing and eliminate impurities. MADE IN FRANCE Mild Foam Toner refreshes the epidermis and leaves the skin cleansed and toned. MADE IN FRANCE